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Trees are a vital part of the landscape. They provide habitats for wildlife, improve the appearance of rural and urban areas, aid the economy through timber production, and much, much more. However, sometimes trees pose a danger to people and/or property.

At Buckland Tree Care Ltd, we can help you strike a balance between limiting the risk of harm from tree failure and maintaining the benefits of trees.

Whether you need informal written advice on a single tree in a domestic garden or a Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) on 2,000 trees, our arboricultural consultants can assist.

QTRA Registered userWe use the QTRA system, developed by Mike Ellison, which applies risk management principles to the management of tree safety. Firstly, the use of land upon which trees could fail is evaluated and measured, enabling tree managers to decide whether or not, and to what extent of thoroughness, a survey or inspection of the trees is required. Where necessary, the tree or branch is then considered in terms of both impact potential (size) and likelihood of failure.

Under the system, the arboriculturist applies a rating to show the level of risk posed by a tree. The lower the number, the higher the risk. For example, a rating of ‘1’ means the tree in question is required to be felled immediately. A much larger number, however, indicates that a tree is considered to be safe. A tree located at a children’s playground is likely to pose a greater danger than one situated in an overgrown footpath that is rarely used.

If you own or manage a large estate with hundreds of trees, our surveys help you to prioritise which trees are the most hazardous and those that are a lower risk.

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