Tree health advice Cheshire Nantwich

Are you concerned about the health of a single tree in your garden or a number of trees on a large estate? Whatever your tree health issue, Buckland Tree Care Ltd offers free initial advice as part of our arboricultural consultancy service.

There are various things you should look out for, such as mushrooms growing next to a tree, large holes in tree trunks, branches that appear to be dead and bark that falls off very easily. The appearance of the leaves on a tree can also be an indicator of poor tree health. Maybe you’ve noticed leaves that are smaller than usual or shrivelled up? Or have you spotted a tree that appears to have fewer leaves than it would normally have?

It’s crucial to seek professional advice on any tree health issues at an early stage to prevent a problem becoming more serious and consequently more difficult, and costly, to deal with. It’s often the case that an arboriculturist can manage the tree before a problem gets out of control.

There are a number of reasons why a tree could be in poor health. It could simply be that it is thirsty because there isn’t enough water in the soil or it could be there is an insect infestation.

Once we’ve identified what the problem is and what has caused it, we can select the most appropriate and effective course of action. Our fully-trained arborists are on hand to carry out any necessary works, such as pruning, if required.

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